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Project A.C.E. (Action, Commitment, Education) is a prevention and information collaboration in Dickinson, North Dakota in association with Safe Communities. Project A.C.E. was started by a group of local professionals working together to promote positive choices and create a safe environment for Southwestern North Dakota's youth. The goal of Project A.C.E. is to educate youth and the public on the six issues facing our region, which are Suicide, Violence, Alcohol, Gambling, Sex and Sexuality, Meth and other drugs, and Cyberbullying.
Please access the following links to assist Project A.C.E. in accomplishing its goal of education.
2011 Parent & Teen Resource Guide (PDF - 374KB)
2010 Youth & Underage Alcohol Consumption Focus Group (PDF - 566KB)
2009 Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs Perception Survey (PDF - 1.72MB)
Be Amazed (PDF - 526KB)
Partners (PDF - 88KB)
Seatbelt Convincer (PDF - 81KB)
SIDNE (Simulated Impaired Driving Experience) (PDF - 83KB)
Alcohol (PPT - 1.67MB)
CyberBullying (PPT - 4.62MB)
Gambling (PDF - 391KB)
Meth and Other Drugs (PPT - 13.3MB)
Sex and Sexuality (PPT - 849KB)
Suicide (PPT - 420KB)
Violence (PPT - 1.01MB)
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... because we care about young people in Southwestern North Dakota and recognize the critically important role young people will play in the future success and vitality of our region. Become a part of Project A.C.E. by becoming more knowledgeable about the issues and how we as a community can address these concerns, promote positive choices and create a safe environment for Southwestern North Dakota.
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