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Region VIII Prevention/Safe Communities:

Project A.C.E.

A Safe Community is defined as a community that promotes injury prevention activities to address local highway, traffic safety, and other problems. It uses a “Grassroots” approach involving citizens to address key injury problems. Components of CAP’s prevention programming include:

Safe Communities

Safety City

Safety City is a two-week safety program for children ages 4-6. The program is held the first two weeks in June each year. The main focus of Safety City is bicycle safety were children learn the proper hand signals and signage. Speakers present information on safety issues including Fire Safety, Stranger Danger, Poison Safety and School Bus Safety to name a few. Children also learn their address and phone number as well as how and when to use 911.

Youth Alternative Activities

These activities are upon request by the communities. We support programs like the Family Fun Skate Night, Teen Center activities, After Prom, SADD Chapter activities. Programs that offer alternative activities to keep kids busy and from using ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs.)

Beverage Server Education

This educational componet assists bar or liquor store personnel in detecting or deterring underage purchase or consumption of alcohol, to assist personnel in complying with the law, to heighten the awareness of the use of fake or false ID use, to teach the proper procedure to deal with an underage drinker or underage person attempting to purchase, and detection of and intervention with intoxicated persons.

Alcohol Risk Reduction (Alcohol Compliance Checks)

This process includes law enforcement and a team of young people under the age of 21.  The youth attempt to purchase alcohol in an effort to see of local establishments have proper safe guards in place.  Current research shows that effective and regular compliance checks will help decrease alcohol sales to minors; help reduce underage drinking; help reduce traffic crashes, violence, and other health problems associated with alcohol; and help build healthier and safer communities.

Victim Impact Panel

The Victim Impact Panel provides a means whereby drunk drivers and potential drunk drivers (DUI, MIP, and MIC) hear what happens to the victim of drunken driving crashes. Panels of 2-4 victims speak briefly about the drunken driving crashes in which they were injured or a loved one was injured or killed and what this has meant to them, how it changed their lives.

Parent/Teen Resource Guide

Parent/Teen Resource Guide

This resource guide is an informational tool to assist you on resources available in Southwest North Dakota and beyond.  A copy of the guide can be viewed by clicking on the link>

For additional information on Prevention/Safe Communities contact:

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Fax: 701-227-4750




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