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HIV Information

HIV antibody testing is available free of charge at all HIV test sites in North Dakota. Testing is sponsored by the North Dakota Department of Health. The HIV antibody test detects the presence of antibodies to the HIV virus by using a simple oral swab or blood test. This is not a test for AIDS. The test does not tell if you have AIDS; it does show if you have been infected with the virus which can cause AIDS.

Who should consider testing?

If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, you could be infected with HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases.

Have you ever had unprotected sex (anal, vaginal, or oral) with a man or woman who:

  • You know was infected with HIV?
  • Injects or has injected drugs?
  • Shared needles with someone who was infected?
  • Had sex with someone who shared needles?
  • Had multiple sex partners?
  • You normally wouldn't have sex with?
  • Have you used needles or syringes that were used by anyone before you?
  • Have you ever given or received sex for drugs or money?
  • Did you or any of your partners:
    Receive treatment for hemophilia from 1978 through 1985?
    Have a blood transfusion or organ transplant from 1978 through 1985?

How to get tested?

Call and make an appointment at the following locations its free, easy, and confidential:

Bismarck/Burleigh Public Health
221 N. 5th St., Bismarck
(701) 222-6525

Community Action Partnership
202 E. Villard, Dickinson
(701) 227-0131

Custer Family Planning
549 Airport Road, Bismarck
(701) 255-3535

Southwestern District Health Unit
2869 3rd Ave. W., Dickinson
(701) 483-0171

Heartview Foundation
101 E. Broadway Ave., Bismarck
(701) 222-0386

First District Health Unit
801 11th Ave S.W., Minot
(701) 852-1376

Ruth Meier's Hospitality House/
Joanne's Health Care Center

1800 E. Broadway Ave., Bismarck

MSU Student Health
500 University Ave. W., Minot
(701) 858-3377

Upper Missouri District Health
507 University Ave., Williston
(701) 577-3763

Prevention Case Management

Prevention Case Management (PCM) is an HIV-prevention program provided by North Dakota Community Action agencies.

PCM is an individualized service for anyone at high risk for contracting or transmitting HIV. PCM uses a risk-reduction approach to assist clients to incrementally decrease HIV risk behaviors.

PCM also provides referrals to resources that address potential contributing factors, such as substance abuse, mental health problems, domestic violence, homelessness, and financial concerns.

PCM services are provided by trained, professional staff. PCM services are:

  • Free
  • Confidential
  • Science-based
  • Voluntary
  • Client-centered
  • Non-judgmental
  • Educational
  • Supportive
  • Empowering
  • Effective

PCM is available at the following locations.  Please call and make an appointment.

Community Action Region VII
2105 Lee Ave.
Bismarck, ND  58504
701-258-2240 or 800-223-0364

Southeastern ND Community Action
3233 S. University
Fargo, ND  58108
701-232-2452 or 800-726-7960 

Community Action Partnership
202 E. Villard
Dickinson, ND 58604
701-227-0131 or 800-359-2243

Red River Valley Community Action
1013 N. Fifth St.
Grand Forks, ND  58203
701-746-5431 or 800-450-1823

Community Action Partnership
120 Washington Ave.
Williston, ND 58701




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